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The Empty Basket: Makeup How-To


Before I start this section a word of caution is in order. The most delicate skin surface on the face is around your eyes. DO NOT scrub, pull or push the skin while applying or especially removing makeup! It will not take too many years for the wear & tear to be visible if you’re not careful.

Eyes are a really tough subject to teach as there are as many eye shapes and eylid/brow combinations as stars in the universe. This is one place on your face where it can really pay to get some professional advice and lessons! Four sources of information that I often refer to are recent issues of ALLURE, GLAMOUR, and MODE magazines, and the incredibly awesome book MAKING FACES by KEVIN AUCOIN. The ladies at the London Drugs near my home are really wonderful too – they figured me out a long time ago and are always eager to help me (and earn a commission too I’m sure.)

Colours are all over the map which is why I usually consult the magazines. If you are trying to blend in with the crowd on the street or malls use earth tones – light browns, greens, siennas, umbers, etc. Evening time allows more freedom as you can go for shimmers, silvers, golds and strong primary colours. The one colour that will make you stand out, and for some reason we all use it in our early years, is blue. Unless you are trying to be 13 or 65+, or a drag queen, please stay away from it! It washes out foundation and unless done very well, will look awful. I often say it is an old lady colour – sorry and my apologies for being tacky, but this is my own personal crusade for better looking crossdressers.

My makeup “tackle box” from my fishing days must have 30 – 40 different colours (including blue) and out of these I generally only use 8 or 9 on a consistent basis. It has taken me a long time to get to this level and my wife is somewhat amazed at the selection. But every once in awhile some obscure colour will find its way out for a highlight or base.

Before we get too far into the eye thing, it is time to talk: