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About Cornbury

Cornbury is primarily a social and support group. We cater primarily to crossdressers, their partners and loved ones and others who support them. We recognise that the gender community has many, many facets and needs, such as counselling and therapy, political and legal rights and so on; however we can’t be all things to all people. Other groups and services in town are better able to deal with those issues than we are, and we support them. Cornbury helps and supports its membership in ways those groups can’t. It’s a good system…

The Cornbury Society was started in July of 1989 by a small group of men. it was originally designed to address the needs of heterosexual male crossdressers but the scope has since expanded to address all who choose to dress opposite from their birth or anatomical gender, regardless of their motivation, skill level or frequency. We endeavour to provide a safe environment for the development of feminine appearance in conventional attire, as well as encourage a sense of confidence and well being. Spouses and partners are always welcome at our meetings.

Many of our members must keep their crossdressing activities confidential, and many have a spouse and other family whom they wish to keep secure from public exposure. Accordingly, we do not hold open meetings and we conduct a short screening interview with all prospective members.

We do not have the resources to handle the needs of people seeking professional counselling or therapy. We are a social and support group, not a self-help or counselling facility. However, if Cornbury cannot meet your needs, we will be happy to help you find more appropriate resources.

What we do

Cornbury holds regular monthly meetings from September to June. Locations and dates are provided only to our membership. Meetings can be social events, seminars on various aspects of the craft of crossdressing, guest speakers, shopping trips and so on. Although we don’t meet officially during the summer, many members keep in touch and organise informal get-togethers.

Annual dues cover administration and postage costs. A nominal meeting fee covers the additional cost of meeting rooms when required.

Our Significant Others group is an informal spouse and partner support system.


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