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Image is not simply a matter of clothes or cosmetics, it is an overall impression created by putting everything together successfully including jewelry.

“A woman without jewelry is like a sentence without punctuation.”

Miguel, 1986

Jewelry should complement your outfits, colouring, body shape and facial characteristics. Just like clothing, certain jewelry types look good on certain body shapes and certain colour stones look better with certain facial and hair colours. When selecting jewelry you are making a statement, expressing your personality and letting the world know who and what you are. The jewelry you wear is simply an extension of your own personal style.

JWLER008Earrings are the single most important piece of jewelry in a woman’s wardrobe. They contribute enormously to your overall image. Clip on earrings allow you to place the earring on different areas of the ear to show it to its best advantage. You accommodate the size and shape of your lobe with the shape of the earring.

The choker is the most popular type of necklace today. If it’s appropriate for your body shape and image, we strongly recommend making a choker your first major purchase. The longer matinee necklace, at 20-24 inches, is highly recommended as it goes well with a great many fashions. The clasp is an integral part of the jewelry and can be beautiful as well as functional.

JWLBR008The most popular bracelet type today is the bangle versatile and easy to wear. The other major type of bracelet is the flexible bracelet; these are best suited to dressy occasions.

Rings are extremely personal. The style, cut and metal are entirely a matter of personal preference. Take special care to select the style that is just right for your hand shape. Dome-shaped rings are especially popular and suit most hands. They make a strong statement without being overwhelming.

Pins can work wonders for the right outfit and can be a whimsical method of expressing personal taste. Consider how the pin harmonises to your overall body size and shape.

Though certain jewelry styles are more popular today than others, that does not mean the style you select is unfashionable. If it’s right for you, it’s always in style. By not following the crowd you create a statement through your clothes and accessories.

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