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The Empty Basket: Makeup How-To


In a nutshell you must shave and shave very well! The only exception is if you’ve gone to the extreme of hair removal by electrolysis or laser or other method. I always try to get at least an 18 hour growth first. Shave with a relatively sharp razor (Gillette Excel) to get a smooth shave. Wait a few minutes and shave again BUT with a brand new blade this time and in the opposite direction. If shaving your body, Tori advises to always to shave in the direction of hair growth to minimise ingrown hairs later. Rinse with cold water to seal the pores and freshen you up a bit. DO NOT use after shave creams as these tend to prevent the foundation from sticking properly. I pat dry the skin and take the time to get out the makeup kit, apply deodorant, and brush the teeth.