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The Empty Basket: Makeup How-To


I mentioned earlier the co-ordinates (shaping) of the eyebrows. I try to do my brows when I get out of the shower, but touch-ups are allowed while applying the eye shadow foundation. Don’t do it once you start the coloured shadows or mascara as you risk getting hairs in the eye area which will create a mess when you wipe them out.

The eyebrows will break a face if not trimmed neatly. Never pluck the top side of the brows. Doing so will make them grow back haphazardly. Instead pluck only the bottom edge and use moustache scissors to trim the upper edge. Using an eyebrow comb (plastic teeth) sweep the brow hairs up towards your forehead and trim the upper edge with the scissors. Going against the “lay” of the hairs makes it a bit easier. Best way is to get a friend that you trust to do it. Pluck the hairs on the lower edge and at the extreme outer edges. A cool cloth helps to keep the redness and pain in check.

Using a Kohl pencil with a shade lighter than your natural brows, wet it in your mouth, and sweep it across the bristles of an eyebrow brush. The saliva softens the Kohl and allows the brush to pick up a good load. Brush the eyebrows in the direction from nose to ear along the centers of the brows. You will lighten the brows just enough to make them stand out but not look too big. If the Kohl is too dark you’ll look gross! especially with a blond wig.