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The Empty Basket: Makeup How-To


Needless to say, clean the bathroom when you’re finished. Family members don’t like getting coloured powders and greasy mascara smudges on their clothes.


When you come back home, removal is the game plan. First, if you wear contacts take them out. (but only after taking off the added length finger nails – ouch).

Using makeup remover pads (quilted type) and baby oil, or ANDREA EYE-Q remover, gently wipe the makeup off the eyes. I lay a “wetted” pad on the eye for about 30 seconds to first soften the makeup then start to remove the mascara by sweeping down the lashes toward the tips. Once cleaned, gently wipe the rest of the eye socket area. After this, I use a facial scrub soap (Johnson & Johnson CLEAN & CLEAR) applied with finger tips over a dampened face. Rub lightly in a circular fashion – let the soap do the work not your fingers! Wash off with warm water and pat dry. Apply a facial toner to seal the pores, and then a good coat of moisturizer to add oils that the cleaning removed.

Use a quilted pad and nail polish remover on the nails. Allow the moistened pads to sit on the nail for a few seconds prior to rubbing – makes the job easier. Or get one of the “pots” filled with polish remover. These work really well especially if you used a couple of coats of nail polish foundation. Following this, rub cuticle cream into the cuticles.

Have a shower the next morning and a gentle shave with a sharp razor. Inspect the whites of your eyes for black specs that occur from the use of mascara. A dab with a Q-Tip will pull them off the eyeball.