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The Empty Basket: Makeup How-To


is next. Again the choices are maddening. I use a non thickening and non lengthening type since males generally have long lashes that are just right in thickness.

Mascaras that enhance the lashes incorporate fibres to add fullness which unless you want to look like Tammy Bakker should be avoided. Again remember unless you want to stand out moderation is the key. Roll the mascara down the top (upper side) of your lid lashes from the edge of the lid to the tips of the lashes. DO NOT go side to side. Do the other eye. Go back to the first eye and dab the lower lashes using an in and out stroke to just tint these lashes. Avoid getting a thick coat here. Do the other eye in same manner. Now go back to first eye and roll the underside of the upper lashes from the eye to the tips – NOT side to side. Do the other eye. Now with an eyelash comb (brass teeth that are razor sharp! ) wetted with saliva, comb out your lashes. It helps to wet the teeth of this comb with saliva too, but be careful with the sharp teeth against your tongue! You will now have long nicely shaped eyelashes without the hassles of using an eyelash curler. Use of the latter takes painful practice and produces limited results if you have long lashes like a guy. Good eyelash combs are available at Shoppers Drug Mart when in stock, ie. hard to get., or from Tweezerman distributors. Don’t even bother with combs having plastic teeth – they’re far to coarse. By now you probably have splotches of mascara on the lids and cheek – a moistened Q-Tip will lift it off – gently please.

Now wet a white, sharpened, Kohl pencil with saliva and rub it along the upper edge of the lower lid between the lash and the eyeball. Sit down while doing this!!!! please!!!

Go only from the outer edge to about 1/2 way to the nose. This will open the eyes that were narrowed due to the darkness of the mascara.

A comment about mascara hygiene is in order now. Mascara only lasts 3 months once it has been opened and used. It picks up tiny bacteria and mites from lashes and is a perfect breeding ground. Replace it every three months – make a note in your diary !!!

Do not pump your lash wand in and out of the container – this helps the bad stuff grow and also contributes to it drying out. Mascara should be semi liquid and smooth – if it clumps throw it away!!!! Besides we all love to shop the cosmetic counters too.