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Where to, Amigos? The Art of Tucking and Taping

by Stephanie
Sooner or later any man who’s serious about crossdressing needs to learn how to dispose of the family jewels, or at least hide them temporarily. Feminine fashions are designed for, well, feminine bodies, and nothing ruins the effect and illusion quicker than extra bulges where they shouldn’t be. “Alice the Camel has Three Humps” is not a pretty image…

There are several techniques for concealing your equipment. They vary greatly in comfort, preparation required, equipment and what you can wear when you’re done. Depending on your proportions, some of these techniques may work for you; others may be quite out of the question.

Please. If you try any of these techniques, stop at once if anything hurts.

Okay, read on…
nextpage title=”The Control Panty”] This is the easiest and most comfortable for the casual crossdresser. It’s just that: a snug-fitting women’s control brief, perhaps with an additional pair of panties underneath. Tuck Bill and the twins together and draw them down between your legs, then pull the panties up to hold everything in place. Easy, quick and fairly comfortable, but things may squirm out of place if you’re doing a lot of dancing or if the fit isn’t quite right. Bathing suits, unless cut very low on the leg, are out. Also remember that too-tight panties cause Visible Panty Lines!

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