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Traci’s Wig Care & Washing

by Traci Ventura

Products (you will find these at most wig shops)

  • Brandywine Non-static Shampoo
  • Brandywine Revitalizing Conditioner
  • Tools hairbrush and hair pick (make sure the teeth or “ends” of brush have “plastic coated tips”).
  • Wig stand (folding works best for travel and storage) allows wigs to breathe and be fresh between wearings.

Washing your wig

  1. Lightly shake wig to loosen up (and lightly brush out any back combing, use pick tool or brush and separate the fibers around the head/neck bands – lightly separating the fibers from clumping or knotting… DO NOT BE FORCEFUL you will damage and fray the fibers
  2. Fill sink (or a plastic tub container) with lukewarm water and add 1 capful of the shampoo to approx. 4 cups of water. Mix well.
  3. Immerse wig into water so that it is underwater and soak for at least ½ hour or more. (Do not scrub the fibers this causes the synthetic wig fibers to fray! simply let the wig soak… the shampoo and water mixture will dissolve soil and dirt from fibers).
  4. ut a bit of shampoo on interior band of the wig and rub a bit to clean the headband (gently).
  5. Turn wig inside out and softly rub together to loosen soil on hair (once or twice gently… Do not rub hard this will fray the fibers… more like press and release).


  1. Flip over (turn right side out) and rinse well in fresh Luke warm water (fill a bathroom sink and immerse then lift out and allow water to drain off.
  2. Fill sink (or plastic tub container) with lukewarm water and add 1 to 2 capfuls of Conditioner (to approx. 4 cups of water). Mix well.
  3. Immerse and soak wig into the conditioner water for 20 – 30 minutes and repeat rinse with fresh lukewarm water.
  4. Lift wig out of water and hold by the front headband to allow the water to drain off.

Drying and Styling:

  1. Lay on a clean dry towel and blot with towel to dry fibers (rolling the wig up in the towel works very well… do not towel hair fibers like you do your natural head hair… blotting is the key!)
  2. Holding the wig by the front headband, shake lightly to allow the wig fibers to fall into the natural style of the wig. This will let the wig hair fibers fall into its natural state.
  3. Place wig onto a wig stand (large 2 litre plastic bottle –filled with water, can of hair spray etc).
  4. Rake lightly with fingers to “primp up” the hair fibers and curl in proper direction. You can use your “hair pick” to lightly lift the hair fibers up and shape into the direction of the style you want.
  5. Let the wig now dry at room temperature (place a towel underneath the stand)
  6. When fully dry you are ready to style and wear wig.

Tips for Caring and Styling

  • Wash your wig after 6 – 7 wearing (assuming full day outings, etc)
  • Never brush your wig like own hair, rather lightly pull up the fibers gently.
  • Never use hair sprays that you buy for human hair… these will cause the spray to stick the synthetic fibers to stick and combing is almost impossible and can damage your fibers. Use sprays that are designed for synthetic hair wigs.
  • Styling your wig – Use the “pick tool” to lift fibers up (“lift the hair”) to make the wig fibers look like natural hair. The trick is to use a “scratching motion” at the base of the wig (scalp) and then pull the fibers up lightly… this makes the wig look like natural hair as it allows the wig to have Volume instead of lying flat.

Wig hair sprays

(These products dissolve in water or during washing and are easy to use)

  1. “Brandywine” Wig Spray
    • Use for holding a style and create volume
    • To create volume, simply lift the hair up on the top or side of wig and spray a little under the lifted hair, then use pick tool to lift and style into shape desired.
    • Note: This spray will allow you to still brush, comb and style as it is not like the “sticky” sprays for human hair.
  2. “Brandywine” Wig Luster
    • Use for brightening adding body and softness to wig synthetic fibers. Keeps a wig looking soft and natural looking.
    • I like to use this between wearings to keep the wig soft looking.

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