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The Empty Basket: Makeup How-To


There are thousands of foundations available today. The problem we all have is male skin is simply not equal to a woman’s and NEVER EVER will be! It is very coarse, has large hair follicles etc. Therefore most women’s foundations will not work satisfactorily for us. Want proof? — just take a photo flash shot of yourself when you use female products and you’ll see every hair follicle and crease and flaw. Remember we are trying to create an illusion or reasonable facsimile. The theatrical industry addresses these problems with ease. I cannot overemphasise the importance of correct foundation products for yourself. Go to a store that specialises in theatrical makeup to obtain your foundation. Don’t be shy — these shops see lots of us, and really do they care? It’s all money in their tills. Plus they know how to match skin tones etc.

What you do need is cream type foundations. As they warm up they flow into the pores and smooth out. Additionally they blend much better as you’ll be using up to 4 different colours just in the foundation. Nothing is worse than a line created by improper blending of the colours, especially at the jaw line.

My favourites are Ben-Nye available at the better shops and I find they cover well for many hours without problems and are very easy to apply and remove. Colours are infinite and they have “pots” with multiple colours to try until you find the one you like. Price is not too bad — approx. $14.00 last purchase but it lasts for a long time ( some I still use is almost 8 years old! ) although if you have skin problems I would advise you to change it every 6 months max! (Moral — do as I say and not as I do.)