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The Empty Basket: Makeup How-To


I use three colours for blush – a plum, a shimmery rose, and a light brown. The trick here is to highlight the cheekbones and blend the whole face. Finding the cheekbones is simple – just smile. Wasn’t that easy?

With a stiff brush, put the darker plum colour on the UNDERSIDE of the cheekbone. Sweep from a point directly under the center of the eye to the nose, to the center of your ear. GO NO LOWER THAN THE CENTER of the ear, and SWEEP the colour or you’ll look like a tennis ball hit you. The lighter rose shade goes on the TOP side of the cheekbone sweeping to the center of the ear. Use a stiff brush for this too. Now with a soft brush loaded with a light brown powder, scrub the cheekbone to blend the colours together, and sweep toward the ear. Using the same brush – lightly loaded – sweep it across the eyelids and brow bones to the ears. This will tone down the eyes and pull the face together. You will have destroyed that blotchy “clown” look by doing this.