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The Empty Basket: Makeup How-To


Oh so many choices – pencil, liquid pen, liquid brush….? Best to experiment. I have shaky hands so I find a liquid pen (Loreal) easiest. Pencils are great but I could never get a consistent line while brushes were a disaster due my shaking. The choice is yours. Unless you want really dramatic eyes, stay with a charcoal shade or brown. Float the tip of your applicator along the top side of the lashes on your eyelid from the centre to each side. I try to make the area over the iris a little wider and taper down to the outside edges but this takes practice. A Q-Tip will help here if you make a mistake. Put the Q -Tip in your mouth and rotate it to make it evenly DAMP with a smaller cross section. Put it in place along the upper edge of your boo-boo and rotate it toward the lashes while sweeping towards the outside of the eye. You will almost certainly have to touch up the shadow after this, which is why I recommend using a good brush. I find saliva works much better than tap water – probably because cosmetics stick to the swab better.

Now using the eyeliner again sweep along the underside of your lower lashes from about 1/4 way out from your nose to the outside corner of the eye. Taper the colour near the nose so it gets fatter towards the outside corner. This is where a moist Q-Tip really helps ! The widest (thickest) area should be no more than 1/16” wide – you want just a hint of eyeliner along the bottom edge.