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The Empty Basket: Makeup How-To


OK now we have a clean face but if you are like me there are a few wrinkles and some really light or dark spots and areas. These problems are relatively easy to correct — just remember that you can’t eliminate them but rather just reduce their effects. Get yourself a blade screwdriver shaped brush that is about 3/16” wide and very sharp. Art supply stores sell sable hair brushes that are relatively inexpensive and really great as they tend to have longer handles than the brushes you get at makeup counters. Obtain some foundation that is at least two shades lighter than the foundation you’ll be using over your face, and apply it to the creases with the brush. If you you raise your eyebrows, smile, etc. to exaggerate these creases it is easy to guide the brush in them. Don’t worry about spilling over the edges as we take care of this latter.

Using the same colour, apply it to the sides of the nose where the eye sockets join at the bridge to space out the eyes a bit if you need to. Also apply a strip of this shade in the cleft of your chin, under the nose, dimples and along the ridge of the nose. Don’t apply it like drywall mud though — just a nice thin even smooth coat.


Now you should be able to explain the treatment for moles and birthmarks, circles under the eyes etc. Just remember the most important makeup phrase above and you CAN’T go wrong. If you have red pimples, a green shade of concealer applied directly to the offender will neutralise the redness.

Now another tip: allow this foundation to warm up a bit before next step (2-3 minutes).

This pause will give you time to select your hosiery or nail polish.