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The Empty Basket: Makeup How-To


Hey we’re almost done – in fact this is the last thing I do before exiting my humble home. This timing allows me to get the best look for the colour combo’s of the makeup, wig, and clothes. It is not necessary to match the finger nail polish though.

One mistake we all make, in my opinion, is to screw up the lips with the incorrect lip liner. A few years ago it was common to use a liner much darker than the lipstick. It looked great if you were 14, or a professional model. It is passade now and unless you want that “look” get a pencil that closely matches the lipstick. A dark liner also tends to bleed more and is super visible against a lighter foundation – it almost magnifies any mistake. So when you purchase a new lipstick, grab a matching liner too. If you can’t find a match there are clear liners available which are tricky to use but really great once mastered. These clear ones will sharpen a lip line after the lipstick is applied If really stuck, go for a shade just slighly darker than the lipstick.

With a sharp lip liner put three dots on the lips – one dead center on the lower edge of the bottom lip, the other two on each side of the upper lip directly below the centre of the nose on each side of the little valley between the nostrils. Draw a line from each point outwards to the corner of the mouth using your natural lip line. sometimes it helps to form your mouth into an O shape. Fill in the lips with the liner to provide a coloured foundation for the lipstick. Apply lipstick with a lipstick brush – not directly from the tube or pot. Blot the lips with a piece of toilet paper. Wet your finger in your mouth and clamp your lips around it and slowly withdraw the finger. This will prevent lipstick from transferring to your teeth (UGH). If you have lip gloss or glass apply it to the bottom center (only) of the lower lip so it looks really shiny and full.

To prevent lip stick from coming off (impossible really) there is a product called “My Lips Are Sealed” available at most drug and grocery stores. It works well, although I haven’t tried it with lip glass yet. Before you drink from a glass or coffee mug, lick the edge of the container to get it wet. Remember wax and oils do not stick to water.