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A Partial Booklist

A Partial Booklist

Boenke, Mary (ed.) Trans Forming Families: Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones. The only book I’m aware of that includes stories by trans and non-trans people, that is by, for and about families.
Bornstein, Kate. Gender Outlaw and My Gender Workbook. Kate deconstructs gender in a humorous, gentle way. Highly recommended.

Boyd, Helen. My Husband Betty. Very well-written account by the wife of a cross-dresser, covering the various issues she went through in the ongoing process of coming to terms with her husband’s identity.


Changing your name 2013

Many trans people change their names to better match their gender identity or expression. Some may be satisfied with informally asking others to use their new name. Others will want to legally change their name so that records and identification can be changed.

In BC, legal name changes are handled by the Ministry of Health’s Department of Vital
Statistics (http:llwww.vs.gov.bc.ca).

To be eligible for a legal name change, you must be:


New work schedule!!

I have managed to settle a work schedule that will allow me to continue with Cornbury for the foreseeable future, I have set myself a schedule where I will be able to attend all Cornbury dinner meeting each month with no work conflicts. I will need to work with the Esprit meetings and schedule days off for those but it is.

Cornbury has me for a long while yet!!

Hugz to everyone!


Coming out at LAST!

Yesterday I had a one on one with my supervisor and I came out to her and let her know about my transition to become the woman I am meant to be. She suspected, but now its official with her at least. She urged me to let her know if there is any issues with harassment of comments from any of my workmates and that she will take care of those as I work my way through HRT!! This is fantastically liberating and a wonderful feeling.


I think I might be transgender…How do I find out more and meet others like me?

I think I might be transgender…

How do I find out more and meet others like me?

When you are first exploring your feelings about gender identity, it may be helpful to read books and/or magazines and newsletters written by trans people.

Excellent sources of information can be found on the internet. Numerous trans discussion groups are accessible online, along with a variety of personal stories, web logs, and information-based pages written by trans people on the World Wide Web.


Cornbury dinner meeting August 14th

Cornbury dinner meeting August 14th

I would like to apologize for my delay in getting this written. I have had so much stuff happening on my plate and I have such wonderful news, August 14 was also the same day I had an interviewer for a job by Friday the same week I accepted a position which Shaw.

On Saturday, yesterday, I had my first session with Melody Preece. How come in life everything always happens at once?


Running out of Steam?


I am researching some ideas on finding a home for the Cornbury Society, probably one of the most challenging task I have currently. I have a couple of leads but I feel that they too distant to be an effective location.

a) seeing if we can garner a location at Qmunity, pro for this location is an already established support group for all spectrums ins the transgender community but I feel distance and cost may be a factor,


Cornbury Dinner meeting July 10th

Hugs to everyone , it was nice to see everyone at the dinner on Tuesday evening at ABC. I got stopped on the highway at 264 due to an accident, on my way into Surrey and thought I was going to be there after 7, as it turned out, I was the first one to arrive, which is nice since I can pick the chair I like best, 😉

Sandra arrived next wearing a very very nice dress and looked super, gail and martin arrived Gail as usual, such a sweetie, and Joy Ill never ever get used to idea of those glamorous earrings she love to wear, they make my earlobes hurt looking at them LOL.




I have 2 tickets to attend the Unicorn born party ! WOOT myself and my BFF is going to attend to this event and party! to celebrate Pride week in Vancouver. Thinking about a table to work with Cornbury ??????

more information

GENDERFEST is a coming together of events produced by a variety of queer producers/organizers/promoters during Pride week to celebrate queer pride. GENDERFEST serves a banner under which events that share the festival’s values can benefit shared communities. GENDERFEST is an alternative or complement to Vancouver*’s traditional Pride celebrations.