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I have 2 tickets to attend the Unicorn born party ! WOOT myself and my BFF is going to attend to this event and party! to celebrate Pride week in Vancouver. Thinking about a table to work with Cornbury ??????

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GENDERFEST is a coming together of events produced by a variety of queer producers/organizers/promoters during Pride week to celebrate queer pride. GENDERFEST serves a banner under which events that share the festival’s values can benefit shared communities. GENDERFEST is an alternative or complement to Vancouver*’s traditional Pride celebrations.
*unceded Coast Salish Nations territory

GENDERFEST 2012 features various events produced by the All Genders Wellness Clinic, the All Bodies Swim, sTeam Bathhouse, and Genderfest’s very own Miss Pussy Liquor. GENDERFEST builds up through the week to a Sunday night dance party in East Van.

July 30, 2012 to August 5, 2012

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