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Fall – Letter from the President.

Hello ladies!!

wow has the past 6 weeks been a wild ride for me, I have a huge amount of stuff on my plate, but life is awesome!!!!

I would like to apologize for my long delay in staying in contact with the group the past month and I would like to thank Joy for helping me when the need was there! Hugz sweetie.

I have been working quite a lot behind the Scenes for the last 2 months or so, I am attempting to connect with various groups through out the Vancouver Fraser areas and I have been meeting up with some key people to look for ways we can collaborate with each other and share resources and expertise from group to group.

Late August i had a meeting with Summer Boyne and have updated current information her TGH resources about Cornbury and I have met with Lukas in the third week of September and he and I sincerely agree with the assessment, that where we think that the more cross-pollination that happens between groups, the better it is for everyone.

It helps to know what each group is doing, or wanting to do, or maybe what it can’t do much longer without support etc. And it’s a good thing to have men and women together at the Pride tables, it helps dispel the myth that there’s no common ground between us.

Sure, many of the technical aspects of transition are different, but there is a ton of crossover emotionally, socially, with our loved ones etc, including difficult or limited access to competent care and safe supports. I am still working with Cornbury and progress Albeit slow has been promising. Lukas writes so eloquently.

I have also invited my counselor to attend either Octobers or November meetings to also share with us and help us grow and move forward.

I look forward to seeing everyone Oct 9th!!

Sharon Valmont
Cornbury Society Vancouver

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