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Cornbury dinner meeting August 14th

Cornbury dinner meeting August 14th

I would like to apologize for my delay in getting this written. I have had so much stuff happening on my plate and I have such wonderful news, August 14 was also the same day I had an interviewer for a job by Friday the same week I accepted a position which Shaw.

On Saturday, yesterday, I had my first session with Melody Preece. How come in life everything always happens at once?

An update on my activities for Cornbury. I am arranging meetings with people in that Trans gendered community to let them know that Cornbury is still alive and well. On August 29, I have a meeting with Summer Boyne at three bridges in Vancouver. Following this meeting, I will be making arrangements to hopefully speak with Lukas Walther following that. I just want to make sure that Cornbury is still being aware of and utilized by these resources in the community. In September I will be attending the annual general meeting for the reach community center. I will also be visiting with Catherine white Holman wellness center, with a proposal.

I believe very strongly, that it is Cornbury’s best interest to be able to offer support and community involvement in conjunction with the Catherine white Holman wellness center and what they do for Trans gendered individuals from Vancouver.

I spoke a little about how I felt about our information distribution rate the Vancouver public library and information I was able to send out at unicorn born on August 5. The nice thing about this type of broadcasting is that there are no fees and costs are minimal and I feel that it was a good benefit for us to network with other groups and the community.

The last dinner meeting on Tuesday, August 14 was a wonderful experience. We saw some newer cases a visitor from Ottawa , I came with Gail that evening . I am always impressed with the owners and staff at ABC, every time I go there. I think we need to offer them them something besides out tips, maybe a card with some flowers to our waitress?
I arrived with Gail followed shortly by Sandra Jennifer arrived and shortly aftewards Joy. arrived them and new face a visitor from Ottawa, Linda dropped in to say hello so wonderful to see her. Diane showed up last but had a very fascinating story about her travels, who would have thought you could book passage on a freighter, although as she says she kept Diane under wraps for the duration of her trip.

Our mailboxes being used, Jennifer brought a piece of mail sent to us from an inmate at Kent institution in Agassiz, I can’t imagine what would be like to have to manage being that Trans person within the Canadian prison system. This letter is definitely a cry for help.

My reply and a return on your will simply clarify what Cornbury about and since I have connections on the outside I would advocate and incentives information two professionals who can help her. Simply, because of her location I have to be careful about the information that it provide and contact numbers such as phone numbers will need to be avoided in my return letter. I can and will, pass this letter to Summer Boyne to better address the issues with managing of Trans person within the prison system.

Our next meeting will Sept 11th, we should consider bringing some flowers and a card for the staff and waitresses on that next visit.

Sharon Valmont
President, The Cornbury Society

Edited some corrections 082312 SLV

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