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Running out of Steam?


I am researching some ideas on finding a home for the Cornbury Society, probably one of the most challenging task I have currently. I have a couple of leads but I feel that they too distant to be an effective location.

a) seeing if we can garner a location at Qmunity, pro for this location is an already established support group for all spectrums ins the transgender community but I feel distance and cost may be a factor,

b) I have been toying with the idea that we could work out a suggestion the reach community Center on Commercial drive, Ideally I feel that this would be an fantastic opportunity for us to promote an integrate into the the transgender community.

This I feel would help both us and the Catherine White Holman wellness (All gender) as we can coordinate our meeting to coincide with as there is meeting space downstairs we may be able to accommodate 2 times a month.

With all the stuff outside of Cornbury occupying my side I feel I have been not paying close enough attention to this as of late and feel I need to rebuild some focus and energy again,

Positive, gender fest east van dance party Unicorn born is garnering a HUGE amount of interest, and this extends well beyond Vancouver and local area. I have managed to set up a table for the dance evening to display some more of Cornbury’s Brochures and business cards. I am looking forward to this event. I think Ill ahe more steam as we work our way through August.

hugz to all


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