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Cornbury Dinner meeting July 10th

Hugs to everyone , it was nice to see everyone at the dinner on Tuesday evening at ABC. I got stopped on the highway at 264 due to an accident, on my way into Surrey and thought I was going to be there after 7, as it turned out, I was the first one to arrive, which is nice since I can pick the chair I like best, 😉

Sandra arrived next wearing a very very nice dress and looked super, gail and martin arrived Gail as usual, such a sweetie, and Joy Ill never ever get used to idea of those glamorous earrings she love to wear, they make my earlobes hurt looking at them LOL.

The dinner was really nice the food was good as usual, I hugz to our server which I recall from my last visit there from days gone by…. she is a sweetie too , and brought everyone cheesecake on the house for our group. She has such a deep interest in our group and the whole restaurant make everyone feel safe and welcome. what a nice treat.

I have been looking for ways to to get Cornbury up off the ground, and lots og good ideas and thoughts were passed around, I am still going to keep the dinner for the year as i feel it is a great way for people to get out in a safe place where you can be who you want to be.

first up, LGBT information fair, Joy , gail and myself can commit to operating a table there to hand out some cards to people who may ask about our groups, Ill make a flyer to display, we are currently looking for the banner and we can white out the iPhone number to place near our table for that event. Joy mentioned this would be a good opportunity to feel out the community at large and see if we can find a niche for Cornbury within the community. I believe that we can. I have asked joy to print out the business card Cornbury banner she has some stock paper available that we can use. I have sent an Email to Jacqueline and Stephanie about that part. Joy will call ahead and hopefully we can get a table for that day and collect a little more information. Evwent runs all day. 8 am to to 10 pm, we may not be able to run that long but we cover a good portion of the day gracing a table.!

I spoke little about Genderfest and how it coincides with the Pride week, it may be too late for any table or anything we may be able to participate in but it may be a good start, I will send an email to the organizers of some of these week events for availability. One of my key events i am looking at is the Unicorn born event , this is a opportunity for anyone of all spectrum of crosss dressing to let their hair down so to speak a a relatively low cost. Although Ill admit it will be geared for the younger crowds I think it is a great event to participate. Information available on the site under event.

Joy will call for 5th ave Salon and set a date for us to go there within the first 2 weeks of September, we also discussed other events we could do such as a BBQ , location will be the biggest issue I think to be able to make this happen in late august as a target date. Anyone available to offer some space? What about a BBQ or event elsewhere like in a park somewhere and make a picnic out of it?? Just a thought.

Gail, joy and others will look into options o for store visits and shopping, I don’t know about anyone else but I do like to shop some, Although it was brought up that unless we are willing to send a little at theses stores they may not be too willing to keep offering these visits for us. We can set a couple up and see where it goes from there.

Something was not discussed was a general venue we can have safe closed meetings at or have presenters Ill talk to Allgenders and see if they are aware or know of trans friendly places we can use occasionally for a nominal fee. Since I am working close with them as of late. They do have drop in and open door drop in 2x a month, we might be able to do something there too.

We have booked the next dinner meeting for August 14th at 700 pm again! see you there!

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