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Your Crowning Glory: Your Wig

What to get

Your wig, of course!

Then you’ll want a stand for storage (open wire or plastic frame so moisture can dry).

PPLW2546Consider a styrofoam head and some T-pins to hold the wig on it while you’re styling it. Don’t use a styrofoam head for storage.

Wig clips are tiny double-comb devices sewn inside the edge of your wig to clip it securely to your hair.

A wig cap, made of stocking-like fabric, can be helpful for containing long or strong-minded hair before you put your wig on.

H_BGR013A wig pick (also called a hair lift) is a very wide-toothed comb, essential for combing and styling, opening up, lightening and softening your wig. Most hairbrushes simply flatten out a wig.

Wig shampoo is recommended over people shampoo as it doesn’t have lots of additives and conditioners. In a pinch you can use baby shampoo, though. Never, ever heat-dry a wig.

For hair spray, look for one specifically intended for wigs.

Mousse and styling gel work well on wigs.

Many hairstyles benefit greatly from accessories like decorative combs, hairbands, decorated clips, scrunchies and the like; besides, they’re lots of fun to experiment with!