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Your Crowning Glory: Your Wig

Wearing your wig

Putting on your wig and checking for proper fit is easy. Spread the wig over your fingertips, then ease it over your head from front to back. Tuck all loose hair up underneath it (putting on a stocking cap first may be helpful here). Wigs never cover the ears. Just at your temples should be two pointy corners; centre the wig so these are the same distance in front of your ears.

To check for proper fit, the front edge of the wig cap (body) should fall right at your natural hairline and the back should cover the hairline at the back of your neck, completely covering your own hair. It should fit snugly with no movement, but not so tightly that it’s painful or feels like it would pop off your head. You should be able to shake your head vigorously without fear of losing it. Most wigs can be adjusted for a proper fit.