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Your Crowning Glory: Your Wig

Getting it styled


When you find that perfect wig, seriously consider having it styled, shaped and trimmed to suit you. Wigs are generally manufactured a bit long so that bangs can be trimmed, necklines and temple lines adjusted and the like. An untrimmed wig will often look untidy. A wig straight out of the box will have that flat, shiny look that simply screams, “Hey! I’m a WIG!” A few moments with a styling brush will soften it and make it look more natural.

Wig salons offer these services for a reasonable fee, or will often trim a new purchase for free.

The basic design of the wig determines how stylable and adaptable it is. A wig may have a very definite style to it, determined by hair length and direction, curliness and so on. There may be a distinct parting to it. Another wig may have a “pivot point” from which the hair appears to radiate. While the pivot point won’t move, the hair can be styled in many different directions and ways around it, making for a more versatile piece.