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Playing Bridge

I am reasonably keen on playing bridge. I’ve joined the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL for short) which gives me access to the Bridge Bulletin and it tracks my “master points”. Master points are acquired by doing well in any ACBL sponsored competition and the higher the competition, the higher the awards are. I have just passed the 100 master point level which might sound good until you hear that the most any one person has is over 50,000! At my level, 60% of the members have more than I do. I’m aiming for the 50% level which is between 200 and 300 master points.

The purpose of this entry is that I’d love to be able to play while dressed which means telling my partner about Joy (not going to happen) or find another partner in the TG community. Then, of course, we have to find a place to play (I can’t play anywhere that I already play [Vancouver, White Rock, South Surrey]).

There was one tournament recently at Anacortes which is reasonably close (and one in Sequim which would be great if it came at the same time as Esprit) but it is too far to go for this. There’s one in Nanaimo in August and another one there in October.

So, anyone out there interested?

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