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Breast Forms

I have quite a bit of money invested in various sizes of breast forms and I’d like to offer some of them for sale.

In an off moment, I decided I wanted to be very busty and purchased the size 20 breast forms from the Breast Form Store (go to their site to see these). I had ealier decided that I wanted to do this and had picked up a bra at Forever Yours (great plus size lingerie store) in a size 36JJ on sale for $25. I showed my bra to Victor and asked him to “fill ‘er up” :). Well, he couldn’t and the size 20’s are a bit large for this bra.

Sometime later, The Breast Form Store introduced a new large size breasts form in a size 18 and these fit the bra pretty well so I bought them.

Which means I have two large size breast forms and since I don’t wear them all that often in the first place, I’d like to sell the size 20’s. I’m pretty easy on the price but I don’t intend to give them away. You’ll also need to find yourself a bra and the best thing I can tell you to do about that is to go to any of the lingerie shops that advertize large bra sizes and go there on sale days (Boxing Day sale, for one). Forever Yours is one such store.

I also have an old pair of size 8 Amoena forms one of which has been “repaired” and while the repair looks to be holding I have no guarantee on how long they will last. They were $150 used when I bought them so if anyone is interested for $25, then they’re yours. Otherwise, I think I’ll give them to Karen Brown who sometimes helps TG girls look their best and she can decide who to give them to.

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