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Why can’t a blog have more than one theme?

It sure would be nice if I could do this as I feel that it wouldn’t be good to mix things up.
As far as I can tell, you can’t so I have to make the best of things. On the other hand, I could just not write anything that doesn’t relate to crossdressing…

Summer is here which means, for me, that shaving my legs is a no-no. This, of course, is backwards – when hair might be of some use (like keeping warm during the colder months) I can and do shave it all off and when it is warm and I’d rather it be gone, it isn’t.

Also, shaving the chest hair isn’t on the list of do’s either and I’ve discovered my collection of tops doesn’t have too many which aren’t open too much. I went out shopping the other week (thrift stores) and I wasn’t able to find a single top which met my criteria. I’d describe what I was looking for if I knew the name for them…

In fact, I’ve noticed that I can’t ever find things that meet my criteria 🙁 Well, given the size of my wardrobe, that can’t hardly be true. But, sometimes, it sure seems that way.

I’ve also recently taken over the spare bedroom for my lingerie. The closet isn’t all that big and is made smaller because I have a huge safe in there but there is enough room to hang my slips and nightgowns. A dresser takes the rest. This has been a good thing as it has reduced the amount of stuff that I have to cart upstairs to get dressed and then back downstairs to put it all away. It also allows me to have things organized and thus things don’t get spread all over the room making clean-up a real chore.

Nice to see that people are reading my blog and hope that sometime in the future they’ll post a comment or two.

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