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Day 53, 54, 55, 56 and 57 – SO Busy!

It has been a busy few days. Let’s see… An 8-hour drive in torrential rain – NOT grateful. Arriving safely – grateful. Follwoing a GPS that thought it was in Timbktu – NOT grateful. Having a GPS that eventually did get it right – grateful. Visiting a very dear friend – grateful. Arriving to find her away attending a birth and not getting home until 3AM – not grateful, until we hugged – then grateful!

The next day we spent relaxing with her family, giving Christmas gifts – that was so nice. Being welcomed into a family was a nice warm feeling. I gave her youngest daughter a wooden dinosaur kit, where you punch out the pieces and slot them together. The two of us spent almost an hour putting it together, and I was amazed that it held her attention so long! It looks pretty impressive. That was a very enjoyable time – grateful!

So last night we dropped in on my friend’s son’s friend’s 21st birthday party for a little bit, which was fun but way to young a crowd for us! We moved on to her favourite karaoke bar and sang the night away. It was nice to be surrounded by a noisy but friendly crowd – and to be remembered by a number of them from the last time I was down! I didn’t sing last night – we got there too late for me to look through the songbooks, but perhaps tonight, for New Year’s Eve – who knows?? And so – another day filled with things to be grateful for.

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