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Day 58 – Countdown

New Year’s Eve always features THE countdown. Whether we watch the Times Square Ball Drop (appropriately delayed for our time zone), watch it in some other way, or even – as our family occasionally does – stands outside on the lawn, pots and pans at the ready while someone watches their cellphone for the exact moment to begin banging and cheering – we all gather together to mark the transition from one year to the next. Why that exact second should be any different than any other second, I’m not sure, unless it’s the fascination of watching all the digits flip over at once.

We have little countdowns all the time. It might be watching our car turn 100,000 kilometres, or trying not to stare at the alarm clock as it relentlessly ticks away the last moments of your sleep. Maybe you watch the microwave, waiting for your coffee to be ready. Whatever it is, things are somehow different, yet obviously still the same, after the counter changes.

Some people prepare for a New Year’s Eve countdown by taking stock of everything that’s happened in the last year. LIfe changes, love changes, soul changes, whatever they may be, we pause to make a list. We’re grateful for some things. We’re deeply hurt or moved by others. Still others we would just as soon had never happened or had turned out differently. But whatever they may be, they all got us to this point in our lives.

New Year’s Eve 2012 is a special countdown for me. Today marks fifty days of my personal countdown. As always in my posts, some of you will know what that means, others don’t need to. It’s a day of anticipation, of looking forward to wonderful life-changing things happening. And yet – in fifty days the digits will simply have flipped over. In fifty days the countdown will end. And life will go on as it always does. And I look forward to that with immense gratefulness to everyone involved in getting me to this point in my life.

Happy New Year to all of you, and Thank You.

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