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Day 52 – Leavings

Boxing Day involves a lot of things: sales, gift returns, leftovers, visiting – and of course goodbyes, This Boxing Day involved a particularly special goodbye though.

Darren, who sings with us in our vocal ensemble, Collage, is leaving very shortly to take a position in California. Today they hosted a farewell open house. Darren is pretty special to me. He was one of the quickest to welcome the new me into the group two years ago. I still remember his surprise when I announced my life changes to the group and his unquestioning, unreserved hug in response.

Of course, a number of us Collage folks were there and of course we just had to sing our a cappella Christmas show closer, “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” all together, one last time. We had all four parts covered: soprano, alto, my lone tenor and Darren’s bass. We had tight harmony, great balance, even good acoustics in their dining room, It was perfect. I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, Darren, but thank you for all the years of singing together.

Finally, to finish the day off, I visited a friend for dinner – yes, leftovers! We watched White Christmas. It had been bare and dry as I headed over. But sure enough, as I headed home after the movie, there were a few tiny flakes of snow on the windshield. How romantic is that?

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