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Day 48 – Christmas Shopping

‘Tis the season – finally. Forget all that well-meant advice about starting shopping in August, pacing yourself to beat the crowds and taking the time to put some thought into your gift for each person. There are times – okay, years – when it’s simply not possible to do that. So, sorry to all you folks who were genuinely trying to help – it just didn’t happen that way this year!

However, finally, today, Christmas shopping actually began! I gathered my two biggest lists (presents and Christmas Brunch stuff) and started working them. No turkey – we always do a Christmas afternoon brunch instead. But I hit Costco and Save-On – both relatively uncrowded – and made a considerable dent in the brunch preparations.

Gift buying has changed over the years for our family, for which I’m grateful. No longer do we make Christmas the unaffordable financial nightmare it used to be. We exchange family gifts, and of course presents for the children and specific special people, but it is far more bearable and just as much fun. Because the shopping list is shorter, there’s also much less stress on Mrs. Santa when she hits the stores!

So, dear readers, just for fun: how many things to be grateful for did you spot?

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