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Day 47 – Gifts

There is nothing quite like being able to give a gift. Sometimes it takes a little help from a friend, but when it works out and is received and appreciated it is a wonderful feeling.

Today my friend Janean saw a posting for a concert she would have dearly loved to see – but of course there was no possible way for her to get there. Jacqueline (another dear friend) and I were in the right place at the right time, however, and unbeknownst to Janean were able to make the magic happen and surprise her with tickets.

It’s easy to brag about doing nice things for others, but this wasn’t like that at all. I was happy simply because she was happy. Had someone else given her the tickets I would have been just as happy for her. But this time I had the added pleasure of giving. So I’m grateful today for that opportunity, and for Jacqueline who helped it all happen.

I am blessed with friends to whom I can give and with sisters with whom I can share: not just these two, but hundreds more in my life.

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