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Day 49 – Treetops Glistening, Children Listening

385076_10150438634881139_441695457_nToday we finally got our Chrstmas tree. It was a crisp, cold day, just enough to put a crunch on the grass. As we walked around the tree farm, the melting frost on the trees sparkled in the sun, making them look as if they’d been pre-decorated for us!

As always, we found the perfect tree: just the right height, just the right flat side to fit nicely against the wall and just the right degree of bushiness vs. openness to allow decorations to be hung inside the tree instead of laying them on the outside. The price was right, too.

We stood the tree up in the garage to let it dry for a few hours before bringing it into the house. When the twins came over this afternoon, we set it up and they decorated it. Okay, we helped with the lights and things, but they did the rest, top to bottom. What a wonderful time they had!

Then they proudly announced, “We broke a record this year!” “Oh?” I asked, uncertain what sort of records are kept about Christmas tree decorating. “Yes! Last year we broke five ornaments! This year we broke only ONE! It’s a new record!” I suppose that’s something to be grateful for, although I’m sure I’ll be more grateful still if they break that record next year!

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