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Cornbury History

Things that Go Bump In the Night

Things that Go Bump In the Night that year was held at The Seattle Aquarium , close to the Seattle waterfront. There were around twelve to fifteen hundred participants dressed in costumes that varied from “mild to wild”. It was difficult to say who were the most colourful, the tropical fish or the participants. We were greeted by various friends from The Emerald City group including Debra Darling, dressed as ‘The Spider Lady”, a costume only Debra’s fertile mind could have conjured up. Most of the Cornbury members were either dressed as French maids (low rent version) or nineteenth century ladies of pleasure.

Even then we were a fairly modest bunch compared to the other participants. The night was a resounding success.

Despite having partied alongside some of Seattle’s finest “alternative society” members, the Cornbury group suffered no cross-pollenisation and arrived back in Vancouver the next day cheerful and unharmed.