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Cornbury History

Not a Dull Affair

Not all of the meetings at this time were dull affairs. One evening was considerably livened up by the entrance of a new member, who obviously had not dressed like this when screened. She was in a very short black PVC dress with thigh high boots and makeup that looked as if it had been applied by a blind person. The expressions on the faces of the executive had to be seen to be believed, they ran the gamut of total disbelief to sheer terror. One of the cardinal rules was “to dress like a lady at all times”. There had obviously been a communication breakdown.

Another amusing evening was spent when a local drag queen arrived, as the guest of one of the members, and spent the evening arguing with the executive as to why Cornbury did not allow gay people to become members. This rather heated confrontation was a week or so after board members attended a downtown meeting as guests of the Gay & Lesbian organizations who were eager to learn more about our transgendered group.

This political “faux-pas” was relayed to members of the local gay community and needless to say Cornbury was not “the flavor of the month” for some time.