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Cornbury History

Venturing South

By now a few Cornbury members were venturing over the border attending functions in Seattle. A strong bond was forged between many Emerald City members and their Cornbury counterparts. It was nineteen eight nine and folks in Seattle were considerably more receptive to transgender folk than they were in Vancouver. The first major event most of us attended was “Things that Go Bump In the Night”, a wild Halloween party for the GLBT communities in Seattle.

About eight Cornbury members made the trek to Seattle. We stayed at a fleabag motel midway on Aurora Ave Nth, its management were totally unfazed by our arrival, much to our astonishment. It turned out to be hooker and drug haven, with comings and goings all night long. The Cornbury members were probably the classiest ladies that were ever in residence there. Even the fleas were pleased to see us.

When we had settled in Johanna came to see me and took me to meet Leslie, a longtime member, who rarely attended meetings but was almost always to be found at social events.

I knocked on Leslie’s door and was greeted by a friendly lady in dressing gown, bra, and panties, who was obviously very well endowed in the breast department; even Pamela Anderson would have been jealous. Leslie invited me inside, and noting my curiosity, explained that many of the males in her family suffered from breast enlargement. After a pleasant meeting I suspected that the breast enlargement came mainly from a doctors prescription rather than her families’ gene bank. My early assumptions were later proved correct. The Cornbury radar was obviously in a sad state of disrepair.