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June Cornbury Dinner meeting – what happened?

Where was everybody??

I was the only sole person at the Cornbury dinner meeting last night and I am thankful I did as I met up with Ernie with his friend for support, a potential new member for our group who is looking for social interaction with other cross dressers.

Ernie was supposed to have met with way back in October but wasn’t able to until last night. these are the reasons we keep these meeting open and available each and every month.


Annual General meeting April 9th 2013

Cornbury Annual General Meeting April 9 2013
700 pm
ABC Restaurant

Meeting called by: Sharon Valmont
Type of meeting: Annual General meeting
Facilitator: Sharon Valmont
Note taker: Sharon Valmont
Timekeeper: Sharon Valmont

Joy, Gail Kelly,Diane Jennifer Robyn Beatrice Corey Anne Stephanie Kay Bonnie

Please read: financial report
Please bring:

Agenda item: nomination for president
Presenter: Sharon Valmont
Discussion: President of the society to be replaced or maintained


I haven”t forgotton about anyone!!

I am so monumentally busy with so much stuff both personal and professional. I am looking forward to the AGM in April but with Esprit planning, keeping up with my full time job, I am a mental basket case. doing all this stuff is teaching me good coping skills. I am hoping to see more member moving forward, step up to the plate and help out some more in the coming year.

Sharon Valmont


A Reminder about cornbury Dues

for all those members who haven’t paid their dues yet please do this year,

I would like to see most the membership dues paid up by the end of February. the reason for this is it makes it a hell of a lot easier to plan through out the remainder of the year.

This year I am hope to implement some of the changes I have been talking about last year , but it will take a little bit of funding to make it happen. I am also looking into other places and venues that would be comfortable for member to come out and participate more. possibly with a second monthly event.