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June Cornbury Dinner meeting – what happened?

Where was everybody??

I was the only sole person at the Cornbury dinner meeting last night and I am thankful I did as I met up with Ernie with his friend for support, a potential new member for our group who is looking for social interaction with other cross dressers.

Ernie was supposed to have met with way back in October but wasn’t able to until last night. these are the reasons we keep these meeting open and available each and every month.

In any case Ernie, his supporter and I had a wonderful dinner and conversation and I welcomed them both back at out next meeting or social Dinner at the Pacific Inn Dressed or not.

I was saddened and disappointed that there were no other girls there to support me and If I recall correctly, I did state I would be keeping this monthly dinner meeting open and available year round and I would always attempt to be present for those meetings.

I did notice that that event was not in the calendar so I can assume that some thought that it may be off for the summer that is entirely not the case.

I did add the meeting for July and August and I did sign up for them and I look forward for other to join me.

If you have my email address please send me ;messages to that email address Facebook messages get missed a lot,

Sharon Valmont

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