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Dinner out – where to go?

There are two events scheduled for the 25th and we have to do something about this.

Item: End-of-year wasn’t intended to suggest that this was the last dinner. It was a celebration of the year past

Item: Usually, we have, in the past, gone somewhere special for a year-end dinner but I have thought while it was nice to do that, it became more expensive and I wasn’t sure that this met with the approval of most of the group.

Item: We do need to decide where to go. My thought is to have it at the ABC as it is closer to most than the Pacific Inn. If this is agreeable, then I’ll make a booking although it may not be possible to get the banquet room at this late date. If you’d like to go somewhwer special, mention it and maybe suggest a place.

Please indicate by way of comments as to what you prefer. And sooner, is better :>) as June 25 isn’t all that far in the future.

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