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Where to, Amigos? The Art of Tucking and Taping

Taping, Part 1

Ouch! is the first reaction most people have. Properly prepared for and executed, though, taping can be extremely effective and well worth it for that special ultra-sexy outfit.

If you’re going to tape, you have to shave. Yeah, there. Tape sticks best to clean, smooth skin. If you stick it to hair, all it will do is pull on the hair and hurt like crazy. So plan on losing the hair. If that’s not an option for you, try one of the other techniques we describe.

Okay, you’ve read this far and decided that taping is the way to go. There are several techniques for taping; see what works for you and adapt as required.

The best kind of tape is a flexible plastic medical tape, such as 3M MicroPore. It holds well and is soft enough for comfort. One inch wide tape works well.

The simplest method is a variation on the gaff. This is easiest lying on your back. Tear off an inch and a half of tape and have it handy. Pull the penis up, then tuck the testicles up gently inside your body. Most people can do this with a little practice and yes, there’s usually room for them in there. Now fold the scrotum inwards to keep them there and secure it by applying the tape crosswise. Keep it fairly low, because the next step is to fold your penis down and back between your legs and you don’t want the tape digging in or pulling loose. At this point, some people simply tape the penis to the bottom of one buttock with a lengthwise strip of tape. Others simply wear a thong or a gaff or panties over the whole thing.