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Where to, Amigos? The Art of Tucking and Taping

Taping, Part 2 - NOT SAFE FOR WORK!


Here’s a technique that’s made the rounds of the Internet for some years, often attributed to a tip published in Ladylike magazine. Its effectiveness depends a lot on preparation and practice to get things exactly right, but it does work. Here you go…

You’re going to need surgical tape. I use Johnson & Johnson Dermiclear First Aid Tape, 1″ wide (red cap). You’re also going to have to shave your pubic area completely.

Tear off 3 lengths of tape. The exact lengths are not important. Two should be about 2-3 inches. The third about 7 inches.

Very gently push your testes up into your body. ta1See figure 1. (NOTE: If you can’t do this, stop and forget it. Keep doing what you’ve been doing and live with it.) This leaves the scrotum as loose skin flaps.

Pull the flaps up over the base of your penis, ta2overlapping one side on the other [over the top of the shaft]. Take one of the short pieces of tape and tape the flaps so that you now have a “tube” of skin around the base of your penis. See Figure 2.

Take the second short length of tape and place it lengthwise along the underside of the penis shaft. Start about 3/4 of an inch back on what’s called the perineum (the smooth skin between the base of the penis and your anus) and apply along the bottom of the penis shaft toward the front. I’ll explain why later.

Now, grasp the head of the penista3 and pull gently outward. This lengthens the shaft and decreases the diameter slightly. Take the long piece of tape, while still pulling on the penis, and tape all the way around the circumference of the shaft. See Figure 3. You will have to experiment to find just the right amount of tension to apply. Too much can be painful.

Now, looking down on your penista4 you will notice a fold of skin just above the tape where the two flaps from the scrotum cross over. Tear off three more pieces of tape about 3 inches long and starting at the bottom of the gap overlap the pieces horizontally until the gap is completely covered. Then place two more pieces on either side of the scrotum comming up from the perineum. See figure 4.

If you’ve followed this correctly, ta5you should now be able to push your penis up inside this “tube” of skin you secured with tape. See Figure 5. If the tension was “just so” on the wrap tape, your penis should stay up inside your body. If not, it will slide right out, but that’s okay. You just don’t want it too tight.

Now, you can finish the job two different ways. If you use a gaff or panty-brief, simply fold the edges of the taped skin-tube up into the cavity you just created and the gaff/panty will keep everything in place. Or, take two pieces of tape about 6 to 8 inches long and overlap them lengthwise (so it’s almost two inches wide) and apply from the perineum upwards covering the skin-tube. With this last method, you can get an absolutely smooth surface, but you better not plan on urinating in the near future.

I have been able to wear skin-tight pants and a bathing suit with this method. The only “side-effect” is a slight bulge above the pubic bone, but many women have this bulge anyway, so it does tend to look real.

I tape like this almost every time I dress. I also cut a small hole in the cotton panel of my pantyhose. So, when I need to use a restroom, all I have to do is push aside my briefs, apply slight pressure above my pubic bone and the penis slides out the tube and I can urinate without having to remove my pantyhose.

I have a cocktail waitress costume that includes very high cut briefs and when I wear it people are amazed that I show no evidence of male genitalia. It blows them away. It is a little strange at first, but you get used to it.

Remember that short piece of tape under the shaft of the penis? If you don’t use that, the longer wrap tape will curl up. Then one of two things happen. Your penis falls out the bottom of the tube, or it gets very painful if you pulled the wrap too tight.

My best advice is to try this as I’ve explained and then feel free to experiment.