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Where to, Amigos? The Art of Tucking and Taping


This technique is definitely not for everyone. Your size and proportions may make it very easy or completely impossible. However, if you can manage it, the results are pretty amazing.

You’ll need tight panties, a thong or a G-string to keep things in place when you’re done. You may also find it helpful to use some tape. Taping, as mentioned before, does require you to shave.

This is most easily done lying on your back. Begin by tucking your testicles up inside you. Almost everyone can do this; they came from there years ago and the space is usually still there. Tuck the loose skin of the scrotum in there as well. You can try folding the skin in from the sides to simulate a vulva if you like. A bit of tape applied crosswise across the area will help control things.

You’re now going to push your penis back inside your body. It doesn’t truly invert or turn inside-out inside you but it will slide back in with a bit of help. Grasp the shaft firmly near the root, then gently push the penis back in through its enclosing skin. It should slide in, leaving you with the skin as a loose tube. The firmer your grip, the more likely the penis is to go inside instead of squirming around. Tuck the loose skin in after it.

If you can do this at all, with a little practice you can make everything disappear inside, leaving at best a bit of a mound. With a snug-fitting pair of panties there will be no discernible male features. With some tape to secure things you can wear most bathing suits, tight pants or a slinky dress with ease. Some folks can even wear a G-string like this.

Removing the panties and tape will let everything return to its normal place.

As with all the techniques we describe, we caution you to PLEASE stop at once if anything hurts or doesn’t work.