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Annual General Meeting – Minutes April 8th, 2014

AGM Meeting 2014/04/08
7:30 PM
ABC Country Restaurant
Meeting called by: Sharon Valmont
Type of meeting: Sharon Valmont
Facilitator: Sharon Valmont
Note taker: Kay
Timekeeper: Sharon Valmont
Attendees: Sharon(President), Kay, Gail, Stephanie, Bonnie, Sandra,

Agenda item: Events Presenter: Sharon Valmont
Discussion: Will meeting days and times remain the same
Discussion, meeting dates and ;times will remain as is – status quo, for the time being, Adding regular Community kitchens at CWHWC every 2 months and posting it as a regular event. I have attended this event myself it is a ton of fun socialize and will help to broadcast Cornbury to the general community. Cornbury members have been invited to attend, the more the merrier! This is event come as you want, enfemme or not.

Regular meetings will preside currently each month throughout the year, every second Tuesday at ABC and on the 4th Tuesday at the pink palace as a more social gathering.Discussion of the library, at Vancouver, I have made it quite clear if I cannot get the support from the group, I will continue to promote Cornbury in the community on my own,as I do understand the concerns of a public presence pf some members and their need for confidentially.I will follow up with the pride groups, in Surrey, New Westminster and Vancouver

Conclusions: all agreed as passed with a quorum

Action items Person responsible Deadline
followup with pride groups Sharon May 30
Vancouver public library Sharon May 30
event calendars maintenance Sharon May 30

Agenda item: Financial Presenter:

Jennifer is no longer with Cornbury, treasurer roles have been taken by Sharon with signatory rights with stephanie M Stephanie is under signing rights to assist with accountability as it is not prudent to have the president of an organization as the treasurer, but as it stand with our current membership, it is the best course as I find it simple for me to do as I live close to the bank and the post office.

Opening Balance Feb 28th = 390.41
Deposit March 20th = 115.00
balance 505.41
Checks received April 8th 2014 = 135.00
Cash received = 45.00= 180
505.41 180.00
685.41 total

Debits200.00 paid to Stephanie for website
485.41 closing Balance as of April 8th 2014.
Post Office has been paid by Jennifer at the beginning for the year(Prior to opening balance) this will carry this cost up to 2015
80.00 annual cost
+9.60 tax

Conclusions: Bank balances are considerably more healthy, the last 2 years of my terms I have been prudent and avoiding any extra costs. This has been a tough go for our groups and I am hoping now we can keep better control of our money now that there is accountability.

The HSBC bank cannot use the Cornbury post office for mailing, I have changed that to my own address and banking contact information.

I have also changed the contact information for the post box as the memeber who were on that are no longer with Cornbury.

Agenda item: Communication
Presenter: Sharon
Feasibility of putting a distinctive ring on my phone and posting that number on the Cornbury website Costs for me about 5.00/;month since I work for Shaw I get a reduced cost, I will look at an answering service that can answer on the distinctive ring only. Cost 60.00/ annually and the cost of an answering machine.
This was voted and passed on a quorum

I have updated a lot of Cornbury Information across the WWW

United Way
Vancouver coastal health
Fraser health
Items to look into
advertising options
Presentations at public events.

Agenda item: Nomination executive Esprit Committee Presenter: Sharon
Discussion: Missing and executive secretary as we have not had one for awhile
Treasurer as discussed Sharon Valmont and Stephanie Mitchell
Sandra Nominated Kay.
Sharon seconded.
voted – all in favorPassed

Bonnie nominated me as president for another term.
Accepted the nomination
Sandra seconded
voted, Unanimous

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