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Fancy Rings at SPCA Thrift Store

My wife & I were out shopping today and happened in to the SPCA Thrift Store in Cloverdale. Of course you want to know which street it is on and I’m not really sure. One thrift store is on 176A and this one is on the next street east and just off highway 10.

I was quite surprised when I went in – the 3 other SPCA stores I have been in have not been in very good order – dust on the floor, clothes and things everywhere – but this wasn’t true here.

While there isn’t a huge pile of stuff there, they do have a bunch of quite fancy rings and cost all of Fifty Cents! Yes, that is $.50!!

Some have adjustable bands but are at biggest a size 10. These are quite fancy – brilliant “stones”. The others, start about a size 10, and are quite large with some sort of material some of which is green and others which are some other colour which I have now forgotten.

Have fun!

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