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What happens when you don’t sign up

Last night was our Cornbury Dinner. There were 3 people signed up and we all arrived about 5 (we had decided to meet early).

Sharon, our President, arrived not too long after even though she hadn’t signed up for the event. Well, it really didn’t matter. Since we were the only ones there, we decided to eat about 6.

About 7 or a little after, Kay arrived and then about 7:15, Loren arrived. We’ve pretty much finished our dinner but that’s not really a problem unless Kay or Loren were upset because we had already eaten, even though the signup suggests that we don’t eat until 7:30.

This isn’t to suggest that we were upset that Kay and Loren came – just a note to let you know that there are reasons to sign up for an event. Sometimes, they are not so obvious…

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