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Impermanence: The term expresses the Buddhist notion that all of conditioned existence, without exception, is in a constant state of flux (from wikipedia.

I tend to have Buddhist leanings, not quite sure why I haven’t made the leap to being a Buddhist but I really do believe in the philosophy. Impermanence is one of the qualities I apply in my life now. Wasn’t always that way, if I lost something or an object was broken and had to be thrown out I was not happy, it was hard to understand why that person or object had been taken from my life. Now I am starting to understand that people and things come and go in our lives even if for only a fleeting moment; they are not mine (ours) to hold onto permanently.

So, perhaps that is the same with Cornbury. Cornbury has been very good to me and in respect of that I was president for quite a few years. I am always glad to give back to what has helped me. I would really like to see Cornbury flourish like it once was but I suspect that change is necessary; what will the new Cornbury be. Please note that I hold a belief that Cornbury can once again be an entity that can help transgender people explore and find out who they are.

Cornbury has evolved over the years ever since I joined. It originally was a society for male heterosexual crossdresser’s and then in the early 2000’s it changed to include all of the transgender spectrum. This was not easily accomplished but given the changes in the world it was a necessary step. Cornbury did not disappear but again took on new roles serving all aspects of the transgender spectrum. What a positive move. Now Cornbury is finding itself at a crossroads, which way will it evolve?

In conversation with two of my friends in Cornbury I get the feeling that there is despair yet hope that Cornbury can be an entity, but what is that entity, what will the members make it? The internet has played a huge part in helping people find information about being transgender. The internet on the other hand does not replace that face to face contact with another human being who is going through the same general feelings and exploration. One can use the internet for all sorts of purposes but it cannot give you a warm face or a hug at the end of a meeting or a night out with the other girls. So I do see a place for Cornbury and its members. I cannot say with any absoluteness what it may look like but I do believe in a good time and warm hugs from friends.

I would implore all of you reading this to submit ideas to the executive and the members at large how you would see Cornbury evolving. If you were a new member how can Cornbury serve you, how can it help you explore your transgender feelings? If you are a long time member or even postop such as myself, what can Cornbury do for you?

Involvement and giving back are highly important to a new functional Cornbury and that is where ALL members need to be involved. Some of us who are postop are very busy people and find it hard to dedicate time. For own part, I am semi retired and my life is even busier than it was previously. I am busy with life and really enjoying it, but I do see room in my life to help Cornbury evolve even if it is from the sidelines. Do you see any time or resources in your life to help Cornbury rise again? Are you willing to help others who need help in exploring their transgender feelings? What can you do to give back and help a fellow member?

Impermanence is always at play, Buddhist or not. Life changes but being in service to others is one of the highest acts any human beings can do. I would ask all of you to give some very deep thought to what you can do to help Cornbury help others. I am hoping to read some discussion on this, the choice is yours, to be involved or to simply fade out of the picture. I would hope the choice would be to be involved.

Thank you for reading! Take care, have a wonderful day and life.
Jacqueline Allan

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