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Request for Proposal

I have two jobs that need to be done I’d like to have a transgendered indvidual do the work.
My wife is going on a mini vacation from Wed June 22 to June 27 and that is the time I’d like the work to be done (sorry for the short notice.

Job 1 is to restretch the carpet in the upstairs hall. It is quite bad in front of Joy’s room and loose in other places.

Job 2 (if I can convince my wife that I can do it) is to redesign my closet. It is about 10′ wide with two bifold doors with a 2′ wall in between and the two sides are deep enough to make finding anything there difficult. What I’d like is to remove the centre and replace with sliding mirrored doors and maybe widen it but that may be more work than it is worth. Complicating this job is the moulding that has been installed around the two bifolds. The house is 13 years old and simmilar moulding may not be available in which case the one would have to join two pieces across the top.

Let me know via mail here if you are interested. We can then plan to meet and to discuss the job in more detail.

South Surrey

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