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Hi ho, hi ho, its off to ……………

Hello everyone; It has been a long time since I have added anything to the blog so perhaps this is an appropriate time.

All of us in the transgender spectrum have our own personal journey. There is a commonality between our “stories” but within that commonality is our own. My own journey took many twists and turns for the longest time but now is seems fairly smooth sailing; the path forward is clear for these moments.

June 12th, 2011 I will be flying east to Montreal; hi ho, ho its off to Montreal I go. June 14th is the date of surgery with Dr Brassard etal and so this is the next significant stop on my gender journey. I have been chatting with my girlfriends who have gone this route in the past and have received some very sage advice. I look forward to this part of the journey as it will bring a physical and emotional congruency to my energy fields. Interestingly many people have asked me how I feel about the surgery. I understand there will be pain and a lot of work post op, these are givens. But the surgery is certainly not endgame. I tell people that this is just part of the overall journey to be true to ones Self.

I am very thankful for this opportunity. The one person I am most grateful to and for is Brenda my wife. She has been amazing through my whole journey. She even wanted to come to Montreal to be there for me but unfortunately that is not possible. Flying solo so to speak :-)! I am also grateful to all my friends who supported me through the years to this point. As we all know you need support from your friends, a should to lean on when necessary. So thank you!!

There is still 38 days, 2 hours and some odd seconds before this event occurs. It would be easy to wish the time away but that is not my style. I am working, helping out around the home and best of all helping to look after our grandson. Those of you close to me know that Caden has become a focal point of our lives. He is an amazing young man at age 26 months, he is the energizer bunny without the pink suit. The time will come, I will be in Montreal and then I will be home, but the key to it all is to enjoy each and every moment to the fullest extent.

For those of you who will follow this same path I wish you the very best. It is quite a journey and a great deal of patience is needed. Enjoy the moment.

Take care

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