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Esprit 2010 Scholarships & SO Program

On January 9th Stephanie and I attended an Esprit meeting in Seattle. Many topics of discussion but one that is important to note is that are plenty of scholarships available for attending Esprit 2010. Please go to the Scholarships information page on the Esprit site and have a read of the requirements. Perhaps this is one way you might be able to attend Esprit this year.

Something else to consider is bringing your partner (SO Programs) to Esprit. It is an opportunity for your partner to learn about the gender journey in a completely safe environment. Click here for information on the SO Program. Ask your partner if they would like to come to Esprit and be part of the program. There are scholarships available for couples. See the scholarship link above.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will give consideration to these two programs for Esprit 2010. If you have further questions please contact myself or info@cornbury.org

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