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Corset Update

While I haven’t been writing much lately, my corset training day stays the same.

But I ran into a problem a week or so ago – I broke it 🙁 How sad. The front busk broke right at the waist. Obviously a lot of pressure there to break steel.

I suspect the problem stems from my body not adapting to the size of the corset so I’m always starting at the same place which makes my corset look like > < rather than ) ( . Of course, now I have a bit of a problem: do I get a new one at that size (26") or do I not? I still have my previous corset which is also the same size although the measurements didn't come out right so I really shouldn't use it much. And my 28" corset seems to holding up pretty good (not so much pressure, I suppose) so I guess I'll do a wait and see... This last Sunday, my stomach came into play and it didn't want to be tightly corsetted. Sigh. Damn GERD. I've been thinking of returning to the girdle but mine are getting old and not so tight but finding a replacement is looking to be difficult. Lots of them on the net but I'm sort of nervous buying something like that which I can't try on first.

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