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Assembling A Jewelry Wardrobe

Once you have taken stock of your facial shape, body shape and size, colouring and the type and colour of your clothes you may begin assembling a jewelry wardrobe. Plan it as though you were assembling a quality clothing wardrobe; decide what your needs are and in what order of importance, than accumulate those items over time. Buy the basics first, then add the occasional whimsical trendy item.

We recommend buying a watch first followed by a pair of earrings, a ring, a necklace, and a bracelet. Your first watch should be a casual style and relatively inexpensive. Your first pair of earrings should be plain gold as it is extremely versatile and can make the transition from day to evening with ease. After the watch and earrings a simple ring should be your next buy. A more fashionable, less classic ring like a plain gold ring, domed shape is a good beginning for daily wear and casual evening wear. A gold necklace that will flatter your facial shape and size is your next basic piece. This piece won’t be worn daily but it should be a fun, unusual piece to express your uniqueness. Many women opt for a choker or collar length that complements their face and is appropriate for their neck length. Your first bracelet should undoubtedly be a classic bangle as it’s wearable, of versatile style and demonstrates good taste. Buy at least two, but take into consideration your size when choosing the number and width. Once the basic pieces have been purchased, attention to buying beautiful gems is the next step.

The first stones should be unquestionably diamonds/crystals as they are the most neutral and the easiest to match to any clothing or other jewelry. Next, add pearls to your wardrobe, as they can dress up a plain dress and go almost anywhere. The next stone to collect depends on your needs. After all, you pay not just for the metal and stones but for design, creativity, reputation, and service.

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